ADL: Grid box spacing in Autodock 4

josh at josh at
Tue Sep 15 03:51:37 PDT 2020

   Hey guys,

   Apologies for sending this again, I asked a similar question regarding
   Autodock Vina last week but I cannot seem to work out how to reply on the
   same forum (!!), so I am just posting it here, sorry.

   I am wondering how the Grid box spacing influences the results of Autodock
   4.  I  understand  Vina fixes spacing at 0.375 so changing this has no
   influence on the result, but what about AD4? Will a grid box with a certain
   spacing run faster than a grid box of the same size using a larger spacing
   (and therefore larger number of grid points)? What is the purpose of spacing
   for the docking run?

   Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

   Many thanks in advance,


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