ADL: Segmentation in AutoGrid4 on Ubuntu 20.04.1

Zachary Riedlshah hello at
Mon Jan 11 13:47:50 PST 2021

Hey all,

Likely a follow on from

I took a look at the core dump and found this:
    __GI__IO_fputs (str=0x128a2ca8 "<path/to/>autogrid4: FATAL ERROR: cannot obtain new fd to concatenate log file\n", fp=0x0) at iofputs.c:33

Unfortunately, I can't get much further as I'm using ADFRsuite which has AutoGrid 4.2.7.x-2019-07-11.
Would I be able to recompile and use 4.2.6 or is there significant difference?

Just wondering how to proceed.


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