[Pmv] saving the preferences of adt reg

Michel Sanner sanner at scripps.edu
Thu Apr 13 13:59:33 PDT 2006

Bala Murugan wrote:

> Sir,
> I wanted to save binding actions of mouse and font sizes of adt as a 
> separate preference. Is it possible to do this. If so could u tell me 
> the procedure.
> Thanks for ur time sparing.
> With Best regards,
> P.Balamurugan.
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you can set these preference in your _pmvrc file which is located in 
your home directory
if you are using a version older than 1.4.1, and for 1.4.1 (which we 
released about a month ago)
it is located in the .mgltools/Pmv directory.

Here is an example of how to set the font to Helvetica 10 bold
changeFont(('helvetica', 10, 'bold'), log = 0)

Here are examples of hoe to rebind mouse button
## # rebind mouse buttons for object control
self.bindAction("rotation", 3, modifier="None", actionDict="Object", log=0)
self.bindAction("scale", 3, modifier="Alt", actionDict="Object", log=0)
self.bindAction("XYtranslation", 3, modifier="Control", 
actionDict="Object", log = 0)
self.bindAction("Ztranslation", 3, modifier="Shift", 
actionDict="Object", log=0)

the first argument is an action, the second argument is the mouse button 
number (1,2 or 3)
the third is a keyboard modifier, the 4th specified to that the action 
applies and can be any
of the following: "Clip", "Light", "Scissor", "Object", "Camera"


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