[Pmv] How to select some sugar atoms

Sargis Dallakyan sargis at scripps.edu
Fri Apr 21 09:43:11 PDT 2006

Hi Jean,

I just checked the code for MolKit/StringSelector.py and it turns out 
that it replaced '*'with '.*', so to select all 'O4*', you need to type 

Regarding hydrogens, pdbparser moves the first letter to the end, if its 
'1','2' or '3', so to select '1H2' you need to type 'H21' and 
correspondingly '1H2*' goes to 'H2.*1'

Hope this helps,

Jean Richelle wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to select ribose atoms of a DNA structure, and it appeared  
> that the "Select From String" will have a problem with the * in, e.g.  
> O4*. I tried quotes (simple or double) and backslash without  
> success.  I finally decided to rename O4* as O4', and similarly for  
> all the other * atoms, and then I could select them.  Is there a more  
> correct way to do it ?
> I faced another problem when I tried to select some Hydrogen atoms.   
> It seams that it is only possible to select names composed of 3  
> letters, and so impossible with, e.g. 1H2' .  Do I miss something ?
> Best regards,
> Jean
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