Welcome to the FLARMV experiment

This webpage demonstrates the use of FLARManager and FLARToolkit with molecular models. The demo requires that you print, cut and glue paper marker to use as an avatar for interaction with the onscreen molecule. You will also need a webcam and the latest version of FlashPlayer (10). To provide additional functionalities for the demo, like mirroring the display, we have implemented the same code used by Eugene Zatepyakin, available from his repository.

The Cube Capsid sample demonstrates the symectrical properties of a viral capsid. Rotating the Cube clockwise or counterclockwise will extend or collapse respectively the pentamer subunits of the capsid along the 5-fold symmetrical axis.

**CUBE CAPSIDE** (direct link) paper model

cube Z rotation

The Armature example demonstrates the possibility to use inverse kinematic (IK) chains in a Collada scene (export from Blender for instance), and the ability to control it in Papervision3D, which is used as the 3d engine for FLARToolkit, by manipulating the Cube paper model or other marker. Rotating the marker clockwise or counterclockwise will bend the IK chain generated cylinder to the right or the left.
**ARMATURE** (direct link) paper model

The Helix Parallelepiped and the Helix DNA examples demonstrates how an helix can be stretched and twisted. This demo requires the use of two different cubes paper models. One cube is used to globally position the helix. The second AR cube serves to control the rise and the twist of each subunit in the helix. Pulling apart the two AR cubes/markers will lengthen the helix, while rotating the two AR cubes/markers will twist of the helix.
**HELIX parallelepiped** (direct link) paper model
**HELIX DNA interactive** (direct link) paper model

cube Z rotation

Other examples :

CUBE (direct link) paper model
POLY (direct link) paper model
PAPER CAPSIDE (direct link) paper model
Away3D Cube Exemple (direct link) marker
CAPSIDE 2 (direct link)
Template (direct link)