About this package

This package contains the interface for building ARToolKit binding for python with Distutils. It has been tested with ARToolKit 2.72 on Linux and MacOSX The latest version of ARToolKit is available from


Build and Installation instructions

PyARTK is currently supported on Linux and MacOSX platforms. Make sure you have install the dependencies. Ensure ARToolKit is installed and running correctly. The following will explain how to build and install the PyARTK and Memoryobject packages. The following installation instructions can be used on both Linux and MacOSX.


There are 2 examples in PyARTK/Tests. You need to have PyARTK in your pythonpath.

Known Issues

The python binding does not wrap the functions defined in gsub.h gsub_lite.h, and we are not planning to include them in the package. You will need to use another means to create your OpenGL display, you could use PyOpenGL.